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I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I was told that we were safe. I have seen storms before. But, this one! I never knew weather could be so violent. I was as scared as when I saw my first Nephilim!
Seth was scared too. Between the two of us and our merged thoughts things went bad fast. Mara took us back to our room. Without even being aware of it, we both just climbed into the same bed. We didn’t even change out of our day clothes. It is stupid, but I didn’t want to be alone, I needed Seth right there.
It was a long night. We shared nightmares of storms.


A – 61

A storm is coming. My uncle’s friend, Dr. Cooper, has built this incredible weather research station. A lot of the technology is based on stuff from the Other world. I didn’t know anyone even knew about all of the Other world stuff.

When we got there Uncle T landed the plane on a pad that rose out of the water. They have a secret hanger under the lagoon. There was someone from the past there. His name is Gerem. What a shock! I didn’t know that anyone from the past lived anywhere but in the cone. They have recreated the old world environment in a large arboretum.

Seth still isn’t talking to me.

We are going to the control center in a little while. I can hardly wait for his reaction.


I talked with Uncle T today about showing Seth something from our world that he wouldn’t have in his. Maybe if Seth realizes that we have wonders he hasn’t experienced, it will help him to cheer up a little.

Uncle T said that he had a friend that runs a weather research station in the Atlantic. They record hurricanes and help figure out why they happen. He called him and now it looks like we are going to go to an island and see a real hurricane.


It has been strange around Seth. Okay, strange with Seth in my head. He has sunk into a funk, even worse than before. I don’s know what to do. The thoughts coming from him are gray.

I went down to visit Oran today. He was an artist in his world. I guess he worked in one of the cities that was taken over by the Nephilim. He barely escaped with his life. I guess he was one of the leaders in the resistance against them.

While I was there he drew a picture of me. It is good, but strange to see myself with such white hair. I thought I would keep it here in my journal. When mom and dad come back they may want to see it.

Drawing by Oran


Things are getting weird. I am seeing more of Seth’s thoughts, and I know he is seeing more of mine. I mean it is really getting weird. I am even seeing some of his daydreams, I mean even some I know he wouldn’t want me to see.

Let me see if I can explain.  Earlier this summer I was given a drink by Mara that made a part of my mind open to hear thoughts, if they were directed at me. With practice I was able to send my thoughts to Seth. At first I couldn’t control it, but with practice it became easy.

Then, after the trip to Seth’s world, I was more “tuned” to Seth than any of the others. I was able to send and receive easier. But now! Now it is like the control is slipping. Too many of his thoughts are coming in. I know from looks he has given me as well as thoughts that too many of mine are being picked up by him.

We had an argument yesterday. Okay, I know that friends argue. This time though we were shocked to realize that the argument was all by thought. I mean, it was like we both suddenly realized it was all thought. It shocked both of us. I think Seth was more shook up. He told me that he had never done that before.

Something is going on. I am going to have to ask Mara about it.


Sorry I haven’t written very much lately. There really hasn’t been much to write about. Seth seems to have sunk into a depression. I know he misses his home and is frustrated that he is stuck in our time.

His dreams are of his world. Sometimes he is trying to stay in his world and he gets sucked into ours. He wakes up in a sweat. I know because I wake up then too. I don’t know if he knows I am awake or not.

I feel like I am seeing more of his thoughts than I used to. Some of them I don’t think he would want me to see. I know some of my daydreams have escaped into his mind too. I get embarrassed. He hasn’t said anything, and I haven’t either.

I am going to talk to Mara about it. Maybe it is normal for their kind.


I am feeling better today. It was the worse case of flu I have ever had. I had some weird dreams. I wonder how Seth handled it. He has been staying at his grandmother’s while I was sick.
I tried to convince Polly that I was better, but she won’t let me get up today. She says that I need rest. Yuk, I am tired of being in this bed.


I am feeling better, but not enough to want to get up. Uncle T brought his laptop up to my room. My mom was on it. They had gotten a satellite connection. She asked how it was going here. I told her I was having a good time, until I got sick. Of coarse I couldn’t tell her that I had gone back in time, been chased by monsters, and almost died.
They were excavating an area and opened up a cavern that people had lived in. They were very excited about the find.
Dad got on and gave me a bad time. He asked how I was getting along with my pen-pal, wanted to know what I did with my day. Then he asked me about my report. He had assigned me a project to research giants. I told him I had done enough research to believe without a doubt that giants did exist. He must have seen something in my reaction, because he got quiet for a moment.
I have always dreaded those quiet moments. They usually came when he caught me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. It pasted and we talked about the woods here and swimming everyday. He seemed please about that.
It wasn’t until I talked to them that I realized how much I missed them. I was quiet the rest of the day. Seth asked what was wrong and I told him nothing.
For some reason Polly came up later that afternoon and gave me a fierce hug. She just held on and I found I really needed it.

A – 18

I am even sicker today. I have slept most of the day. Seth has been in the room a lot — I think. I threw up twice today.

I have been having such weird dreams. In one I was running through a dark tunnel and there was water at the end that I had to jump into. The tunnel continued on the other side of it. There was a monster too. He was big and breathed fire.

Polly brought me up some chicken soup. Why does everyone think chicken soup is good when you are sick. It was funny though, I thought Seth was going to get sick when I started eating it.

I have to go back to sleep. I wish my mom was here.


Seth spent most of the day with his grandmother today. I am not sure what is going on, but he really is down. Nothing I do seems to help.

I spent the day with Polly. She is a really short older mountain woman. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding her. When I tell her, she pauses like she is remembering something and then says it again. She uses different words that I can understand.

I guess she grew up somewhere on the east coast. She had a family, but was too busy with her career. Something happened and her family was killed in an accident. I guess she started drinking after that and wasted the next ten years of her life. She ended up in Alaska, broken and broke. Something happened and her life changed and she ended up living in a cabin near the mountain. But, by that time her mind was gone. It was through the help of some old mountain man that she regained her sanity.

She told these things to me while we were sitting out on her patio. There is a sadness in her eyes that makes you sad too. The old man had died a number of years ago and she just continued living in his house until it burned down. That was how she ended up here.

She looks old, and even frail, but she isn’t. We pulled weeds in her garden in the afternoon. I don’t like pulling weeds, but I like her so I did.

Seth came back from his grandmother’s in a better mood. I felt him coming before I saw him. It was kind of strange. It seems that I always know where he is and what he is feeling.