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I talked with Uncle T today about showing Seth something from our world that he wouldn’t have in his. Maybe if Seth realizes that we have wonders he hasn’t experienced, it will help him to cheer up a little.

Uncle T said that he had a friend that runs a weather research station in the Atlantic. They record hurricanes and help figure out why they happen. He called him and now it looks like we are going to go to an island and see a real hurricane.



Okay, life just got really strange. I was going with my uncle to town to get some supplies. We entered the crystal cavern and I got sick. No, I mean I really got sick. I felt like someone was trying to pull my brain out of my head. Then I felt like I was going to get sick.

Uncle T turned around and went back. We found out the same thing happened to Seth. Lume did an experiment and found out that something has happened to us. We, Seth and I, are now connected mentally. MENTALLY!! We are stuck having to stay by each other. We can’t be separate.

What’s worse is that our thoughts are really becoming mixed up. It is like I can’t shut him out. Both my thoughts and his are there. The same in his mind. And, it is getting worse. I have reacted to something only to figure out that it is not my thought, but Seth’s.

I can never go home. Seth and I are stuck together forever.


Things are getting weird. I am seeing more of Seth’s thoughts, and I know he is seeing more of mine. I mean it is really getting weird. I am even seeing some of his daydreams, I mean even some I know he wouldn’t want me to see.

Let me see if I can explain.  Earlier this summer I was given a drink by Mara that made a part of my mind open to hear thoughts, if they were directed at me. With practice I was able to send my thoughts to Seth. At first I couldn’t control it, but with practice it became easy.

Then, after the trip to Seth’s world, I was more “tuned” to Seth than any of the others. I was able to send and receive easier. But now! Now it is like the control is slipping. Too many of his thoughts are coming in. I know from looks he has given me as well as thoughts that too many of mine are being picked up by him.

We had an argument yesterday. Okay, I know that friends argue. This time though we were shocked to realize that the argument was all by thought. I mean, it was like we both suddenly realized it was all thought. It shocked both of us. I think Seth was more shook up. He told me that he had never done that before.

Something is going on. I am going to have to ask Mara about it.


Sorry I haven’t written very much lately. There really hasn’t been much to write about. Seth seems to have sunk into a depression. I know he misses his home and is frustrated that he is stuck in our time.

His dreams are of his world. Sometimes he is trying to stay in his world and he gets sucked into ours. He wakes up in a sweat. I know because I wake up then too. I don’t know if he knows I am awake or not.

I feel like I am seeing more of his thoughts than I used to. Some of them I don’t think he would want me to see. I know some of my daydreams have escaped into his mind too. I get embarrassed. He hasn’t said anything, and I haven’t either.

I am going to talk to Mara about it. Maybe it is normal for their kind.


I am finally almost back to normal. Mara had made my skin and hair more transparent, like theirs is, for my trip back to the past. It has taken over a month to wear off. It has been a slow process.
Seth and I have been going down to the cove to swim almost every day. We have gone out into the main lake a couple of times. The large creature that lives in the lake has come after us twice. We have to wait a day or so before we go back out there.
I went up to the edge of the cone today and just sat and looked out over the mountains. It is an amazing view. So much has happened this summer. Most of what I though true about the world has changed.


I am feeling better today. It was the worse case of flu I have ever had. I had some weird dreams. I wonder how Seth handled it. He has been staying at his grandmother’s while I was sick.
I tried to convince Polly that I was better, but she won’t let me get up today. She says that I need rest. Yuk, I am tired of being in this bed.


I am feeling better, but not enough to want to get up. Uncle T brought his laptop up to my room. My mom was on it. They had gotten a satellite connection. She asked how it was going here. I told her I was having a good time, until I got sick. Of coarse I couldn’t tell her that I had gone back in time, been chased by monsters, and almost died.
They were excavating an area and opened up a cavern that people had lived in. They were very excited about the find.
Dad got on and gave me a bad time. He asked how I was getting along with my pen-pal, wanted to know what I did with my day. Then he asked me about my report. He had assigned me a project to research giants. I told him I had done enough research to believe without a doubt that giants did exist. He must have seen something in my reaction, because he got quiet for a moment.
I have always dreaded those quiet moments. They usually came when he caught me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. It pasted and we talked about the woods here and swimming everyday. He seemed please about that.
It wasn’t until I talked to them that I realized how much I missed them. I was quiet the rest of the day. Seth asked what was wrong and I told him nothing.
For some reason Polly came up later that afternoon and gave me a fierce hug. She just held on and I found I really needed it.


Today I am home sick. I have cause something and have been in bed most of the day. I have a fever and I threw up once. Polly has been up a couple of times to check on me. Philo is away right now. Seth seems to be keeping his distance. Polly says it is because he has never been around anyone sick before and it kind of scares him.
Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

A – 8 the dream

I had a dream that I was playing on the beach under a magenta sky. (Isn’t weird, until this summer I didn’t know what magenta was, now I know it is a rich deep purple.) Anyway. I was building sand castles. There were other kids building them too. My sand castle looked like any I would see any kid building at the beach, maybe a little better, but the other kids were building these wonderful structures out of sand. Tall towers, curved arches. Then one of the kids saw my castle and started laughing. The others came around and pointed, laughing at it and then at me.

One of the tall boys came over and kicked my sand castle over and told me that I was too stupid to build sand castles on their beach. That I was too stupid to even be on their beach. That stupid people like me needed to be fed to the monster. The other kids agreed and they all grabbed me and picked me up. They started chanting “monster, monster, monster.

Then I realized it was me they were calling the monster. I was the one who killed my sister, I was the monster. A new voice joined them and I twisted my head around and there was my sister, there was Mary and she was chanting monster, monster, monster.

Everything stopped. All the noise, all the movement, everything. The sky turned a calming blue. Then I was standing. Seth was there standing next to me, telling me it is just a dream. The kids were gone. Mary was gone. Seth standing there was like a rock, like my whole life was anchored with him.

“Let’s swim,” he said. And . . . and . . .  I can’t remember what happened after that.

Seth moved all his stuff up to the main house today. He has spent the last couple of days with his grandmother. I am not sure what’s going on. He seems different since he came back. He isn’t as happy. I wouldn’t say that he has been grumpy, just different.

We have gone swimming at the cove several times. Once Seth disappeared. I knew it in my head before I realized that he wasn’t anywhere around. I almost panicked, until I realized that he must have gone to his cave. I was going to follow, but decided to leave him there. Uncle T says that he is having a hard time accepting that he may have to stay in our time.

Back to this connection thing. When he went to the cave I was suddenly aware that he wasn’t there. In my head, his thoughts were cut off. It felt different than the first time it happened. It was like something was missing in my mind.