We were eating dinner when a strange thing happened. The image of a man appeared at the end of the table. He looked almost like he could have come from Seth’s time, but not quite. He disappeared and then about an hour later came back. He knew all about us! The cone, the people from the past, everything!

On his second appearance he asked Uncle T for help. Seth and I asked if we could go, but he said no. I mean if this guy knows about the cone, who else does? The future of the cone could be in trouble. 

Josh thinks we should sneak aboard the jet and go anyway. It’s like something Josh would come up with. But, I can’t disobey Uncle T like that. I think he has persuaded Seth to do it, at least that is the thoughts I am getting. If he goes, I have to, I mean I’m not going to stay behind if they go. I don’t know how Uncle T is going to react, I have never disobeyed him before.