It has been fun today. Josh was with Philo all day, and I got to go around the Cone and catch up on what everyone was doing. Polly has been spending her time straightening up her cabin, complaining of dust settling on everything. 

It was good to have breakfast with Mara. I have missed her.  I went down and saw Quem, he graphs trees. You should see some of his creations. He has a bench he sits on that is made from the branches of two trees intertwined. 

After that I went and saw Tama. I have been curious what she can grow in the winter. I mean it is warm enough inside the cone, but it is dark. I found out she has set up a greenhouse with sun lamps. I am constantly amazed at how self supporting the Cone is. Of course I guess if we needed something more we could always go through the time portal to their world and harvest what we need. 

It is strange having two worlds at your finger tips.