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Wow, is all I can say. We went to the storage unit today where all of Josh’s stuff is stored. I can’t believe what this kid had. Boxes, literally boxes of electronic game stuff. I think he had more games than our local game shop. Some of them were still sealed in their wrappers. Unbelievable. What did this kid not have.

Uncle T and I had to sort through what he would need for now and the rest was put into storage. I mean, we aren’t taking a cargo plane back home.

I had to get new clothes today for the memorial. All of my clothes don’t fit. I guess I am finally starting to grow. It’s about time. 

I am definitely not looking forward to Josh coming to stay. Uncle T says it is going to be okay, but I guess we will see.

Mom called today. I thought she was going to have me come home right away. Uncle T convinced her that it might be good for Josh if I stayed. That was a close one. 



Well, we have flown to Los Angeles. I was right, Uncle T wanted me to come along. We got a hotel room and then went to the hospital. Uncle T had to meet with a social worker and Josh’s doctors. I got to sit and listen to everything.

At one point Uncle T told me to go up and see Josh. I really didn’t want to. I mean the kid has been a pain since the first day I met him. He is always getting me into trouble. I hate it. I even tried to stay a friends house the last time Josh came to visit with his parents. Mom wouldn’t let me.

Now he is going to come live with us. What is worse, we have to move to a cabin at the foot of the mountain. I can’t be with Seth in the Cone.