I am feeling better, but not enough to want to get up. Uncle T brought his laptop up to my room. My mom was on it. They had gotten a satellite connection. She asked how it was going here. I told her I was having a good time, until I got sick. Of coarse I couldn’t tell her that I had gone back in time, been chased by monsters, and almost died.
They were excavating an area and opened up a cavern that people had lived in. They were very excited about the find.
Dad got on and gave me a bad time. He asked how I was getting along with my pen-pal, wanted to know what I did with my day. Then he asked me about my report. He had assigned me a project to research giants. I told him I had done enough research to believe without a doubt that giants did exist. He must have seen something in my reaction, because he got quiet for a moment.
I have always dreaded those quiet moments. They usually came when he caught me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. It pasted and we talked about the woods here and swimming everyday. He seemed please about that.
It wasn’t until I talked to them that I realized how much I missed them. I was quiet the rest of the day. Seth asked what was wrong and I told him nothing.
For some reason Polly came up later that afternoon and gave me a fierce hug. She just held on and I found I really needed it.