Seth spent most of the day with his grandmother today. I am not sure what is going on, but he really is down. Nothing I do seems to help.

I spent the day with Polly. She is a really short older mountain woman. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding her. When I tell her, she pauses like she is remembering something and then says it again. She uses different words that I can understand.

I guess she grew up somewhere on the east coast. She had a family, but was too busy with her career. Something happened and her family was killed in an accident. I guess she started drinking after that and wasted the next ten years of her life. She ended up in Alaska, broken and broke. Something happened and her life changed and she ended up living in a cabin near the mountain. But, by that time her mind was gone. It was through the help of some old mountain man that she regained her sanity.

She told these things to me while we were sitting out on her patio. There is a sadness in her eyes that makes you sad too. The old man had died a number of years ago and she just continued living in his house until it burned down. That was how she ended up here.

She looks old, and even frail, but she isn’t. We pulled weeds in her garden in the afternoon. I don’t like pulling weeds, but I like her so I did.

Seth came back from his grandmother’s in a better mood. I felt him coming before I saw him. It was kind of strange. It seems that I always know where he is and what he is feeling.