Today Seth and I went up to the edge of the cone to explore. Once you get just above the buildings the tree line starts. I asked Uncle T about it. I thought that when you got this high the trees wouldn’t grow. He told me that this is the only place in the world where there are trees this high up in a volcanic cone. They are only just bigger than the Christmas trees at the mall. He said it was because of the environment that has been created here. It is protected, higher atmospheric pressure and greater magnetic field. All these things help the trees to grow. The field near the edge makes your skin tingle.

There really is an edge to the cone. If you get close enough it is a steep drop down the other side. There is a lot of gravel too, it would be very hard to climb down even with ropes.

The Indians in this area thought that it was a sacred mountain. I guess it was about to erupt, there was steam and smoke coming out of it and lots of rumbling noised. Then a giant rock fell out of the sky and landed in the middle of the cone. There was a lot of smoke and some kind of explosion and then silence. The Indians thought the sky god had sent it. Uncle T got a guide that would take him to the top through some caves only the Indians knew about. Afterwards Uncle T met with the tribal council; he said something that caused a lot of arguing. The medicine man was called for and he took one look at this stranger and asked one question. Whatever it was Uncle T answered it right and the medicine man said this was the man of prophecy and to sell him the mountain.

Now it was Conehaven. A place where a strange group of refuges live in secret. Seth is the newest member of that group.