It has been a couple of days since I got back. Time Travel! I really went back in time. Okay, I have seen shows on TV about going back in time. There have been a lot of them. I thought I would go flying through some tunnel for a long time, with strange sounds in my ears and weird lights. That isn’t what happened. I just stepped through a doorway. Just a doorway. One moment I was in my uncle’s lab, the next moment I was stepping into a vast forest. I went from a room — to — outdoors.
Everything was so big. I am small to start with, but this made me really feel small, like a leprechaun in some story. In fact a fairytale is the best description. Everything was, was, magical. Everything alive glowed, the sky was a dark purple color, and did I say that everything was big??
My head almost hurts when I think about where I was. I was over 5,000 years in the past; 5,000 years before I was born. If I ha gotten stuck there, I would have disappeared from my time, with no body, nothing. Think about that if you ever go time traveling.
Well Seth is coming back. I will definitely write more later.