This has been the weirdest day of my life. Seth showed me around the cone. Yes cone. I am in the top of an old volcano! I met some really strange people today. One man could bend lasers. Okay that isn’t the right word, but he could bend columns of light. Everyone here is strange. Okay, there is a little old lady named Polly that isn’t too strange, I mean she looks normal and i shorter than me.

The house is strange too. There are windows in the wrong places. I mean you look out one window and what you see outside is on the wrong side of the house. I don’t know what is going on here, but it feels really weird.

Seth is okay, but he is weird too a little.

We went swimming today. I didn’t really want to. I haven’t gone swimming since Mary died. But Seth really wanted to and I decided I had better. I didn’t want to do something to make him not like me. Seth can make an air bubble around his head. It freaked me out. Then he did it to me. I have never gone swimming like that. He was surprised that I couldn’t. I know something strange is going on here.

Polly took us up to the rim of the cone. Wow you can see a lot from there.

Well Seth is coming back. I need to close. I will write again later.