Today is June 11, and I am going to to my uncle’s.

I had another nightmare last night. I didn’t tell my parents. We have been arguing over the last few days about going. Mom is concerned that I haven’t really dealt with my guilt over Mary’s death. In my nightmare, Mary was standing by the edge of the river. I kept yelling to her to get away from it, but my voice came out like a squeak.  I started running to her but there was a ditch in the way. I tried to jump over the ditch and fell in instead. There was lightening, and a lot of water. Then I heard Mary screaming. I woke up crying and was covered in sweat, shaking. I didn’t get much sleep after that.

I waited to write this after I got on the plane.  I didn’t want mom to see it.

I have never flown before and this time I am alone. Feels really weird. I hope Uncle T  is waiting for me.

An old lady was sitting next to me. She talked and talked and talked. Finally she decided to take a nap. I guess I didn’t really mind though. She did keep my mind off how scary flying is.