I had my 14th birthday this last weekend. My dad got my friends from back home to come and spend the weekend. It was good to see them. Brian has changed the most. He is now taller and his voice is deeper. I think he is trying to grow a mustache. It was kind of funny. there is only a little bit of fuzz.

Kevin saw the bruise on my stomach. Kyle wanted to find the bullies and beat them up. He always like to find a reason to fight. Fortunately we had church so he wasn’t able to to. It was fun having them all here.

I also found out that I am going to my uncle’s this summer. I don’t know if anyone from the family has ever been to his place. Any way it will be fun.

Ho yeah, my dad wanted me to start keeping this journal. He found out about the bullies and the other stuff. He thinks that if I journal I might learn how to handle things better.