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We were eating dinner when a strange thing happened. The image of a man appeared at the end of the table. He looked almost like he could have come from Seth’s time, but not quite. He disappeared and then about an hour later came back. He knew all about us! The cone, the people from the past, everything!

On his second appearance he asked Uncle T for help. Seth and I asked if we could go, but he said no. I mean if this guy knows about the cone, who else does? The future of the cone could be in trouble. 

Josh thinks we should sneak aboard the jet and go anyway. It’s like something Josh would come up with. But, I can’t disobey Uncle T like that. I think he has persuaded Seth to do it, at least that is the thoughts I am getting. If he goes, I have to, I mean I’m not going to stay behind if they go. I don’t know how Uncle T is going to react, I have never disobeyed him before.  



It has been fun today. Josh was with Philo all day, and I got to go around the Cone and catch up on what everyone was doing. Polly has been spending her time straightening up her cabin, complaining of dust settling on everything. 

It was good to have breakfast with Mara. I have missed her.  I went down and saw Quem, he graphs trees. You should see some of his creations. He has a bench he sits on that is made from the branches of two trees intertwined. 

After that I went and saw Tama. I have been curious what she can grow in the winter. I mean it is warm enough inside the cone, but it is dark. I found out she has set up a greenhouse with sun lamps. I am constantly amazed at how self supporting the Cone is. Of course I guess if we needed something more we could always go through the time portal to their world and harvest what we need. 

It is strange having two worlds at your finger tips. 


We had a break in last night and had to go to Conehaven. It took a bit to convince Josh we were serious. I think it was when Lume’s voice came through the elevator speakers that he finally believed us. 

Uncle T has put in safeguards to protect us, so we were not really in any danger. 

Seth got spare bed for Josh and he stayed in our room. We left him there in the morning and went down to the kitchen. I went back to get him but he wouldn’t let me in. I had to get Uncle T to get him. I still don’t know what was going on. 

It was good to get back to Conehaven. I was surprised how much I missed it. It is really starting to feel like home. I don’t know what I am going to do when my parents return. I don’t want to move back to Washington D.C. 


I can’t believe it! My uncle is making the three of us stay together. The only place we can go alone is the bathroom. This is even worse than I thought. I mean, how would you like having to be stuck with someone who was always throwing tantrums. We are really going to have to figure this out. 

Josh was a total butt last night. We just went to bed and left him hanging in his harness. Finally, after listening to him cry, I helped him get to bed. But I warned him to be nicer. 

I hope we get through this quickly. I just want to go home!


It has been a while since I posted in my journal. We are back at my uncle’s cabin. I hate it here. I want to be up at the cone. Josh is a total pain. 

He was introduced to Seth and we started school. All that has happened is arguing. Seth and I left him and went down stairs. I wish he wasn’t here. He is by far the most stubborn kid I have ever met!


Wow, is all I can say. We went to the storage unit today where all of Josh’s stuff is stored. I can’t believe what this kid had. Boxes, literally boxes of electronic game stuff. I think he had more games than our local game shop. Some of them were still sealed in their wrappers. Unbelievable. What did this kid not have.

Uncle T and I had to sort through what he would need for now and the rest was put into storage. I mean, we aren’t taking a cargo plane back home.

I had to get new clothes today for the memorial. All of my clothes don’t fit. I guess I am finally starting to grow. It’s about time. 

I am definitely not looking forward to Josh coming to stay. Uncle T says it is going to be okay, but I guess we will see.

Mom called today. I thought she was going to have me come home right away. Uncle T convinced her that it might be good for Josh if I stayed. That was a close one. 


Well, we have flown to Los Angeles. I was right, Uncle T wanted me to come along. We got a hotel room and then went to the hospital. Uncle T had to meet with a social worker and Josh’s doctors. I got to sit and listen to everything.

At one point Uncle T told me to go up and see Josh. I really didn’t want to. I mean the kid has been a pain since the first day I met him. He is always getting me into trouble. I hate it. I even tried to stay a friends house the last time Josh came to visit with his parents. Mom wouldn’t let me.

Now he is going to come live with us. What is worse, we have to move to a cabin at the foot of the mountain. I can’t be with Seth in the Cone.


It has been a while since I posted. I have been on a strange adventure. We got back today. Seth and I are no longer residing in each other’s head. That is good, but it feels weird. 

When we got back, I found out my other Uncle and Aunt had been killed in a car accident. My cousin is in bad shape. Uncle T is going to go down to see him. I guess they live in LA.

I heard Uncle T talking to Adah. I get the feeling I am going to fly down too. Not sure I want to, but I guess I have too. 


It has been a long day. We buried the little girl in the manner of the Sea Masters. It was really strange. I won’t see Mara the same again. 

Makes me kind of sad that man has become so primative. Okay maybe primative isn’t the right word. But, we have lost so much of what we once were. Our abilities ebb away so slowly we don’t even notice it happening.

Well we have a lot to do tomorrow. I am going to bed.



Tanga came today. He is a boy from one of the other islands. It really makes you think. He lives in a totally different culture than I do. He works with his dad and learns from his mom. 

We went swimming and something strange happened. He called Seth a Sea Master. I don’t know what it is, but I get the feeling it isn’t something we want to leak out. 

Seth got real sick. He was in the sun too long. Gerem is taking care of him. I went back out with Tanga for a while. 

When I got back Seth was in a tank of liquid. Gerem says it will  help him heal. I wonder if Gerem came up with this for himself to start with? 

Well I am exhausted.